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Aug 2015

Dear Dhamma friends:

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to make the weekly NIMC practice manifest for all of us, now for over 25 years?

You are warmly invited to participate in the upcoming NIMC Volunteer Steering Meeting.

It will take place

at Karuna, this coming
Sunday, Sept 6, from
8-9 pm, after the regular Sunday sit.

Right now, items on the agenda include future meeting times for the steering meeting, current developments in the finances, our dana process, the facilitator schedule for the next four months, and any other items people may wish to bring up.

Come and share your voice,


Prior Meetings and Agenda Items

May 17 2015:

Right now, items on the agenda include a continuing conversation about how we welcome diversity and celebrate inclusiveness at NIMC. How are you feeling welcomed? How are you welcoming? How can we each practice and embody such a spirit? What is in the way?

In addition we are planning on hearing from the treasurer about the financial picture, putting together a facilitator schedule, clarifying communications with Karuna, and any other items people may wish to bring up.



All community Members are invited

When: tbd

Where: Karuna Center, Fitzwilly's, 25 Main Street, Northampton MA

Join us for our next open business meeting.  Anyone interesting in sitting in on the meeting and/or helping with the various activities of the community is warmly encouraged to attend.


Opportunities to Deepen Your Practice

Teacher Winnie Nazarko has offered to provide Dhamma interviews for practitioners who desire them.  She can be reached at  These interviews will be an opportunity for dana.

Here are some further suggestions to help you deepen your relationship to the dharma: Go on a retreat, attend dharma talks, work with a teacher, practice generosity in your sangha by being involved. In order to facilitate the practice of generosity in this sangha, a list will be offered at each meeting with small tasks that need to be done for that evening. Any help you can give would be appreciated. The rewards will be unlimited.


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